Cameron grain elevator
Cameron grain elevator

The Cameron grain elevator is a former Lake of the Woods elevator that became privately owned. It appears to be abandoned now.

Cameron, MB grain elevator, July 2020.
Cameron, MB grain elevator, July 2020. Contributed by Adam Bouvier.

This elevator was built sometime between 1902 and 1910 by the Lake of the Woods Milling Company. It shows that company’s name on one side and Five Roses Flour on another. The Five Roses brand was a Lake of the Woods brand, carried on by Ogilvie Milling when the companies merged in 1954. Today the Five Roses brand endures and is owned by Smuckers.

Ex Lake of the Woods grain elevator
Ex Lake of the Woods grain elevator

The elevator sits alone in the middle of fields, with a relatively new shale oil well nearby as its only company.

The elevator was bought by Manitoba Pool in 1959 and was closed in the late 1960s with the decline of the CPR Lyleton subdivision.

The elevator has an extended driveway (with no doors), a small office adjacent to the elevator, and no annexes or storage bins.

The condition of the elevator suggests it is no longer in use.

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