Grain Elevator Companies in Canada

There are a number of grain elevator companies that operate in Canada. This page lists the current companies as well as some defunct companies that either ceased operating or became part of today’s grain companies.



  • Agricore
  • Agricore United
  • Alberta Pacific Grain Company
  • Alberta Wheat Pool
  • Atlas Elevator Company
  • Bawlf Northern Grain Co. Ltd.
  • British America Elevator Company
  • Canada West Grain Company
  • Canadian Elevator Company
  • Dominion Elevator Company
  • Farmers Elevator Company
  • Federal Grain
  • Gillespie Grain Company
  • Imperial Elevator and Lumber Company
  • Inter-Ocean Grain
  • International Elevator Company
  • Lake of the Woods Milling Company
  • Liberty Grain Company
  • Manitoba Pool Elevators
  • Maple Leaf Milling Company
  • Matheson Lindsay Grain Company
  • McCabe
  • McLaughlin Elevator Company
  • Midland Grain Company
  • National Grain
  • National Elevator Company
  • Northern Elevator Company
  • North Star
  • Ogilvie Flour Mills
  • Reliance Grain
  • Ruthenian Farmers Elevator Company
  • Saskatchewan Wheat Pool
  • Scottish Co-Operative Wholesale Society
  • Searle Grain
  • Security Elevator Company
  • Union Grain Company
  • United Grain Growers
  • Victoria Elevator Company
  • Western Canada Flour Mills Cooperative
  • Western Grain Company
  • Wiley Low & Company
  • Willard Cumming Grain Company
  • Winnipeg Elevator Company
  • Young Grain Company

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