Meadows’ End

Last year, I was contacted by a Canmore AB based artist for permission to use one of my photos as a reference photo. An artist who goes by the moniker “Bigoudi” was creating an exhibition featuring falling grain elevators and wanted permission to use mine for one of the paintings she was creating. She shared a study she did of the image. I was pleased to grant her permission with the condition that I would get a print of the completed painting.

The exhibit “Falling Landmarks” was featured at the Elevation Gallery in Canmore, AB and Pascale sent me the print as promised. Here it is on my wall (hence the shadow line) alongside the original image that I took of the Meadows, Manitoba grain elevator‘s death on July 18, 2017.

I’m amazed at the painting she created. She captured the moment perfectly, while interpreting the image in her own way. I’m humbled that she wished to use my image and very pleased to have this print on my wall, to my left when I’m working.

You can see her work here, including several others from the same exhibition:

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