Vertical colour image showing a concrete grain elevator and its reflection on the harbour water. The elevator is lettered CANADA MALTING CO LIMITED.
The former Canada Malting grain elevator in Toronto, ON.

At one time Toronto had three concrete elevators on the shores of Lake Ontario – Canada Malting, Maple Leaf Mills, and Victory Soya Mills. The Maple Leaf Mills complex was demolished in 1983. Portions of the other two complexes remain and are designed as heritage structures.

Colour image showing detail on a concrete grain elevator lettered for the Canada Malting Company.
Canada Malting elevator in Toronto. Contributed by Aidan Wakely-Mulroney.
Dawes, Ontario former feed mill. Contributed by Jan Normandale.
Former feed mill in Danforth in east Toronto, ON. Contributed by Jan Normandale.

The elevator at 10 Dawes Road in Danforth / east Toronto, Ontario is an interesting structure. At one point it was the Elisabeth Feed Company. The upper portion contains 9 silos that once held grain.

This building is being converted into a centre for the arts. More information

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