"Elevators in Norquay" sign, contributed by Laurie Briggs.
“Elevators in Norquay” sign, contributed by Laurie Briggs.

There is a sign in Norquay, Saskatchewan that describes the former location of grain elevators and other trackside structures in the town.

The sign lists six grain elevators:

  1. Federal Grain elevator, built in 1911, closed in 1981, demolished.
  2. UGG grain elevator, built in 1919, torn down in 1997.
  3. Ruthenian Farmer Elevator co. elevator, moved to Hyas, SK.
  4. North Star Grain Elevator, built in 1923, burned in 1953.
  5. Richardson (Pioneer) elevator, built in 1911, torn down in 1993.
  6. Elevator built in 1954, torn down in 2010.

The town has no grain elevators any more.

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