Colour photograph of wooden grain elevator in Spalding SK
Ex Pool grain elevator in Spalding, SK, July 2011. Contributed by Mark Zulkoskey.

There is one ex Saskatchewan Wheat Pool grain elevator in the town of Spalding, Saskatchewan. This elevator has a boxy central elevator with a balloon annex.

Colour photograph showing a wooden grain elevator with a yellow field of canola in the foreground, under a blue sky.
Canola near the Spalding, SK grain elevator, July 2011. Contributed by Mark Zulkoskey.
Closeup photo of grain elevator in Spalding Saskatchewan.
Spalding, SK grain elevator, Aug 2009. Contributed by Mark Zulkoskey.

Historic Photos of Spalding

Aerial photo of Spalding, SK, 1950s by H.D. McPhail. Credit: University of Saskatchewan, University Archives and Special Collections, MG402, Town Series 2, Box 4, 068B.

This aerial photo of Spalding from the 1950s shows four grain elevators, including a Pioneer and a UGG elevator. The station and a water tower for steam engines are visible at the top of photo.

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