R.I.P. Jim Pearson

Pioneer grain elevator in Vulcan, AB, May 2016
Pioneer grain elevator in Vulcan, AB, May 2016

Jim A Pearson, a giant in the Canadian grain elevator community, has died.

Jim produced several books in the Vanishing Sentinels series, featuring grain elevators in the Canadian prairie provinces, and was the admin of the corresponding Vanishing Sentinels Facebook group.

Jim was a big fan of Star Trek, and designed the USS Enterprise replica in the town of Vulcan, so it seems fitting to post a photo of the grain elevator in Vulcan, Alberta.

I never met Jim, but we corresponded numerous times, exchanging information and photos of grain elevators. He recently produced a book on the remaining grain elevators in Manitoba and gave me a large map in thanks for the information and photos I provided.

Jim will be missed.